Tuesday, November 1, 2011

National Blog Posting Month

Did you know that November is NaBloPoMo!!! ? NaBloPoMo means  National Blog Posting Month .  Well it Is and that mean you have 30 Days of Writing In your blog.  Now The only thing you have to do is just figure out what you are going to blog about for 30 days.  Lets see if we can come up with some ideas to share with you and see if this will help any of  us out and you never know you might just find me posting about one of the following .  Here are some days in November that is on one of the fun calendars that are put out every year with different National days on it and such.  November 4 is use your common sense day.  Any thoughts on that day.
November 6th Zero Tasking Day along with my oldest sons Birthday and then we move on to the 7th World Communication Week and on the 9th it is National Young Readers Day.  Today is Give up your Should's Day .

What Should's do you have to give up today?  I would love to hear them.  Have fun Writing or Reading the posts on all of your favorite blog for the next 30 days and remember that is is 30 days of writing and Blogging.   Have Fun!!!!

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  1. thanks for the follow, following back!!!

    I thought about this but don't think I can commit...seems way too hard for me right now...good luck and have fun with it