Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Defiants 4x4 Toy Truck

Doing Some Holiday Shopping?  Look for a Great Gift for that special someone on your list.  Well then Head to your Local Target and pick up a Defiants 4x4 toy truck for just $5.99 each now Thur 11/5.  Visit your local target and pick one up for your Christmas list shopping and have some fun come Christmas or even now .  The individual trucks and the flex tracks are on sale at Target  Oct. 9 through Nov. 5.           Great as a small holiday gift!

http://bit.ly/Defiants #defian

These would be great to stock up on for stocking or just to have that last minuted birthday gift for someones last minuted invite to the party.  We all know that this has happened to us all.  If you have a target near by I would go and pick up some of these and keep on hand 

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