Wednesday, November 2, 2011


What is KaBango ?  It is a Education Site for Kids.  It is a online World of games and reading.  It is geared towards Children ages 4-7 and it focuses on cognitive skills for reading.  Such as comprehension, phonics and planning and also sequencing.  Children can play games and be building their cognitive skills that are essential to reading without the child thinking of it as work or learning..  You can check on your child's progress by looking and checking into the parents page.  If you want to upgrade your child's learning by expanding levels you can also purchase two additional habitats Galaxy Gardens and Twister Top for a one time fee of $4.95 each.  If you just want to try it out they do offer free Habitats for your child.. Go and Take a look and see if your child would like to learn while playing a game or just have a look around..

Let me know what you think if you do go and check this out.

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  1. HI, new follower. Glad I stopped by, my daughter loves computer games. I will surprise her today with a new site! Thanks for sharing.