Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to earn some Extra $$ on the Internet And Other Sites

There are many different Survey sites on the net that you can sign up for and make some extra income or just earn gift cards etc.  Here is a list of some that I Know about


  Were you have to get a invite to join and you get so many spin of the button and you can win different amounts of points or none at all on every spin.  If you need a invite Please let me know and I will be happy to send you one


 Get paid for taking surveys and answering polls and can sign up to review products at times if  you qualify.

Zoom bucks:

    zoom bucks is just like swag bucks for searching the web and doing tasks Trade in your        
     zoom bucks for prizes.


             Similar to Swag bucks and zoom bucks use it for searching and doing tasks and you can
              even rate websites for an additional 100 points per day just for rating websites

My Survey:

        Were you can share your opinions about products and services and be rewarded points
          to redeem for cash and merchandise.

Sponsored Tweets:

Advertisers will pay you to advertise tweets for them you set the rate and choose which advertisers you wish to promote

Instant Cash

Where you answer questions every 2 hours if you want and earn money and get entered into  a drawing and you have to have a certain amount to cash out


Is one where you just watch videos and can earn up to $5.00 a week and you get a debit card that your money is loaded on to right on the site


were you can take surveys and be able to test products before they even hit the stores and tell them what you
think of the product.

Synovate Global Opinion Panel

Were you answer surveys and get points to turn in for rewards


were you answer surveys and get points to turn in for rewards and prizes

Survey Head

Were you answer surveys and get points


I have heard of this one but never used it

Recycle Bank

were you do different things such as offers tasks and questions and earn points that you trade in for prizes such as coupons and etc.

tropper Lotto

Were you answer surveys and get points

I will add more to this list in the morning as it is getting late

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