Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hospital for Special Surgery

From the first moment we hold them in our arms, we give our entire hearts to our children. We do our best to provide them with everything they need to make it through the bumps of childhood. As we kiss playground scrapes and stay awake when they battle the flu, we hope that a moment never comes when our kids need more than our simple love and care. But from developmental delays to little league injuries to treatments for long-term disabilities, parents often find themselves scrambling to find the best specialized care in the U.S.

Hospital for Special Surgery understands the variety of emotions involved in having a child who needs medical care - be it sports injuries or long-term orthopedic conditions. Founded in 1863, the New York City hospital is a world leader in orthopedics, rheumatology and rehabilitation. To meet their growing need for pediatric rehabilitation, Hospital for Special Surgery opened the CA Technologies Rehabilitation Center within the Lerner Children's Pavilion. This family-focused space provides care for children in a beautiful, child-friendly space. With various specialists and leading technology, the donation-funded CA Technologies Rehabilitation Center facilitates a positive and healing experience for patients and their families from surgery through recovery and beyond.

Like Hospital for Special Surgery, you, too, can do your part to generate awareness and provide a donation to children in need. If selected for this campaign, you will be asked to post about helping parents find the best specialized care for their kids along with what Hospital for Special Surgery's CA Technologies Rehabilitation Center has to offer.
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