Sunday, November 4, 2012

Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin

I wear my hair up a lot and am always looking for ways to style it beyond just a boring ponytail. Goody’s Simple Styles collection was designed for pretty much this exact purpose—to help people easily create interesting styles.
The collection features four different appliances (sold separately), and the Spin Pin is a set of two corkscrew-shape pins that you screw into your hair to fasten it into a casual bun. The way it works is simple: wrangle your hair into a loose twisty bun—no elastics—and screw in the pins in an “X” shape to hold the bun in place.
The Spin Pin works exactly as it’s supposed to. It’s sort of incredible, actually. When I inserted them, they didn’t pull or snag my hair, and they stayed in place tremendously well. Goody offers options for blondes and brunettes, and they’re easy to use. So, the product does exactly what it promises, is inexpensive, and is simple to insert. Seems perfect, right?
It  works!!!  At first I had some issues, but I usually do when I am trying something out for the first time.  I didn't know how to put the pin in, you can't just stick it in you have to twist it in.  That took getting used to.  I also have much shorter hair that I did a few months ago, so its at my shoulders and I am sure that those with longer hair will have an easier time with this.  It held really well, I didn't feel like my hair was going to fall out, but again it all depended on how I put the pins in.  The directions say put one on the top and then one in the bottom but I found that putting the bottom pin in tilted slightly to the left it held onto my hair better.  I even did some yoga and my hair didn't budge at all!  I picked these up at CVS but you can find them pretty much anywhere.

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