Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bohemia Novel by Veronika Carnaby

Bohemia is basically the story of a group of people living their twenties in the `60s. Valerie is the main character of this story about a time that changed the world and the society. A time where society values were put on the table to decide where the world was heading to; a moment in time that defined everything that came later. This is about a group of people, which redefined the important things in life and opened the door to all the difference out there.

A well written book that shows us a place and time that made the difference. If you love the spirit, ideals and all that leaded the `60s generation you should read this book. This is a book with a prose that really shows the love of the author for this era and where you can see the poet within Veronika. Bohemia is the story of Verokia and her friends who want to live life to the fullest. They are free spirits and try to always find their place in the world. After living in one place for usually three months or so they leave it all behind to start a new. The story takes place in the 60's where many life changing events were happening in society. I have to say the book truly captured the times and the book was well written with amazing detail.

The characters and landscaping are well described and you really feel you are getting to know the people, the places and their lives. The book makes a good job picturing the whole world around the characters and really captures the essence of those years, but I think that the book has few dialogues for my taste. I always get to know characters through their dialogues and interaction with others, in this one I think I get to know Valerie but not the other characters. Maybe the most important thing in this book is the story itself and not really the people in it. In that case I really get the main idea of the book.It’s quite funny reading something when it seems like it’s in another language! Veronika does such a great job with bringing this time to reality but every time a character says “It’s such a gas!” I wanted to bust out laughing. It was the language of that time though and it fit the book perfectly. It reminds me of the movie Across the Universe but in book form. Fabulously good time reading this and brought an age alive for me that I have never lived. The plot is interesting and does keep a nice movement as the group moves from place to place and as they learn what they are and are not supposed to do. It’s a really interesting  read.Lester is definitely a fly by the seat of his pants kind of guy and the group tends to follow wherever his flightiness will bring them next. Sometimes it was months and months in one place, other times not so much. But each place brought something different to the table. They nearly starved a few times and I always wonder how they would get their food living so strangely and never having a thought as to how to make more money. It was Emm that I liked the most though. She seems so strong and yet so sensitive and just loving to dance. But it is mostly about trying to find yourself and what life is about.

Overall this is a well written book that proves why Veronika is an awarded writer.

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