Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Influenster Gets A New Look

As a review blogger, I love to explore all the internet has to offer about products that I love, and I am not alone. One of the biggest problems I deal with is tracking down information about brands that I like to learn about and discuss with you. I spend hours researching, exploring what others have to say, and trying to connect them all into one place. Lucky for me there is a website that does it all for me, in one place. Influenster.com is a new website that explores every outlet there is for product reviews.
With an ever growing audience of bloggers and reviewers, Influenster.com is one of the largest sites from product information and product reviews on the web. They offer an in depth collection of reviews where the author is able to grade a product, list videos and photos, as well as their opinions. This helps me personally when deciding whether or not to buy a product. This is just the beginning of this great site.When you sign up, you are able to earn badges which help you qualify for a 'vox box'. A VoxBox is a collection of products put together for a particular niche of viewers. There are tons of badges you can earn, and you earn them buy doing reviews, quizzes and other tasks. You have a rating based on how many tasks you complete, and the higher your rather, the more likely you are to qualify for a VoxBox. When you are selected, you are send a great box of products in which you review on your blog or YouTube channel. Influenster has completely revamped their website and just this week re-launched. In case you have never heard of Influenster it is a community of trendsetters who receive products to test and review and then share with their friends and social media followers. There are sixteen different "badges" that you can qualify depending on your interests, hobbies and activities - everything from Eco to Beauty Queen. Influensters are selected to receive Vox Boxes (each one is a different theme) based on their interests and level of participation. Unlike some programs Influenster sends full size products AND they reward you further for your participation and input, you can earn "Brand Badges" and receive additional goodies, how fun is that?
The new Influenster site is set up to reward meaningful input/reviews of products which I agree with.  There are some new badges and Influenster has put a limit on the number of "Expert" badges you can earn, each member can have five which I agree with too. The new site is also set up to calculate your "score" based on your social media presence which as a blogger I appreciate.

There is just so many amazing things with Influenster.com, you will be  busy for hours exploring everything!  If you aren't an Influenster go sign up HERE,   You can check Influenster out on FACEBOOK too.

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