Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gutzy Gear Party & Giveaway

Gutzy Gear’s  collection of cool, colorful patches (called “Gutzies”) attach to our backpack strap covers which simply wrap and secure around any standard backpack, rolling bag, or messenger bag straps. Kids can decorate their straps with Gutzies to express their personal style & interests, and transform their backpack on a whim into their own statement–making personality pack that’s sure to make them the envy of their pals! Both our patches and straps are easily removable with no yucky glue or sewing required…just a simple tug! Kids love the fun of decking out their backpack straps with Gutzies, trading with friends, and collecting the different designs… but this also reinforces positive themes, promotes healthy interaction with their pals, and build kids’ self esteem…something moms and dads can feel great about too! Our consistently expanding collection is always on the pulse for themes and topics that kids love, for continuous collectability and a customizable look anytime that’s as endless as a child’s imagination!

We got to have a Gutzy Gear party and we had a awsome time with it.  Gutzy Gear is a way for kids to customize their backpack or bag with Gutzy strap covers and Gutzies, which are removable patches.  Kids can collect Gutzies or even trade them! Gutzy Gear can be found at Toys R Us, Kmart, Walmart, and Target, to name a few.  You can use their store locator to find a store near you!   Check out Gutzy Gear's website for more information.  They can also be found on FaceBook and Twitter.
Gutzy Gear can help your children express themselves by making their backpack or duffle bag more fun, exciting, and very personalized – but – having the opportunity to change the straps around at any given moment!

We all sat  down and was looking through the Gutzy Catalog and they  picked out all the things that he liked.  They have so many Gutzies to choose from!! Not only are kids going nuts for our collectible line of patches, but moms are loving Gutzy Gear for birthday goodie bags, gifts, rewards for a job well done, or just as an activity to keep their kids occupied!  A Gutzy Starter Kit includes 2 straps and a free patch ($9.99). Gutzies are sold in sets of two ($4.99) and are available in many fun designs, including cool licensed character sets ($5.99).  they come in all different characters etc. These are not only great for Back to School but you could use these for all of those Birthday party through out the school year either as a gift or for party favors for in those gift bags to send home with each child.  All of the children had a Gutzy Gear time at the party and went home with a set of straps and patches for those straps and already made a list of the other ones that they want.

Guess what is coming ?  Yep you guessed it One luck fan will win a set of straps and a pack of patches (there is two in a pack).
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Disclosure: I received a Gutzy Gear Party Package through Mom Select and Gutzy Gear; no other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own!

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