Thursday, November 3, 2011


The Christmas Fairy is challenging you to donate $.10 as a gift via pay pal.  TCF will use the dimes that add up towards buying clothes, toys, shoes and books for children who other wise may not have anything for Christmas.  how the dimes add up well if all of her fans would donate $.10 She would have $700.00 to help now if others would also send in a dime that would be$$.  So come one come all lets help and tell everyone to send a dime to The Christmas Fairy viva pay pal at make sure to send as a gift or pay pal will take it all away in fees).  If you don't have a pay pal account but would still like to donate a dime to the cause well you can.  Here is how You can mail them a dime at

The Christmas Fairy
7820 Garden Hwy
Bldg C
Yuba City CA 95991

If you mail your dime please tape the dime to a piece of paper.
What are you waiting for go check those couches for that loose change and find a dime to mail or head over to your pay pal account and send in a dime.  My family is sending in a dime for everyone in the house.  Lets show The Christmas Fairy all of our support and Help out those Families.

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