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Boulton Quest Book Review Blitz


Brother, Bullies and Bad Guys  by N.D. RichmanTitle: Brothers, Bullies and Bad Guys (Boulton Quest Series, Book 1) |Author: N.D. Richman Publication Date: April 10, 2013 | Publisher:Independent | Pages: 201 | Recommended Ages: 10+
Summary: Honourable Mention, 2013 Hollywood Book Festival Awards *
One troubled, the other trouble
One regrets, the other hates
One builds, the other destroys
Their parents are kidnapped in a home invasion and Christopher and Michael must unite or die in their quest to find them. Adventure turns to mystery when the brothers follow a hunch leading them over the Pacific Coast Mountains, across the ocean, and to a fortified island where they fight for their lives with tragic results.


Brothers, Bullies and Bad Guys received 24 new reviews on Amazon, 20  new reviews on Goodreads, and 13 bloggers posted reviews on their websites through this Book Review Blitz.
Amazon Review, Piwi Mama (Click for all Amazon Review):  “It seems to be a common lament of parents that their middle school age son just doesn’t seem interested in reading for enjoyment. Thankfully there are authors recognizing that if we want kids to read they have to be interested in what they are reading. N.D Richman has done a great job with the Boulton Series.”
Goodreads Review, Tonja Drecker (Click for all Goodreads Reviews):  “Fast paced? Yes. Chucked full of adventure? Oh yeah. And danger abounds. This book grabs from the first page and refuses to let go until the very last one, and never ever risks a pause for boredom.”
Amanda’s Books and More (Review by 13 year-old Samantha):  “I have to admit, from a girl’s perspective, I was a bit wary of this book, though there was no reason for me to be! It was absolutely delightful and I couldn’t put it down until I finished it… I thoroughly enjoyed this little piece of perfection and I can’t wait to read more from its exceptionally talented author.”
BeachBoundBooks:  “I enjoy the author’s writing style and the story’s quick tempo grasped my attention and didn’t let go. I also found the ingenuity and resourcefulness the author gives his young characters, during the many gripping scenes, to be appealing making the story all that more exciting.”
Dalene’s Book Reviews:  “Over all the book is a great read and I am going to have my grandsons read it. I look forward to reading the next book.”
Bound 4 Escape:  “Brothers, Bullies, and Bad Guys is a quick, easy read that is action packed. There is also some violence but less than we see on TV every day. It has a little romance and a lot of growing up. This is a great book for young adults.”
Evening eBook:  “Packed full of action suitable for younger audiences, Richman does a great job at painting a vivid picture while remaining engaging.”
Oh My Bookness:  “A compelling adventure you can sink your teeth into from beginning to end.The book from the start of is filled with action, making you wonder what is going to happen next. N.D. Richman takes you on a action packed adventure from the beginning to end. Its full of wonder and mystery, you may not want to put the book down.”
Rockin’ Book Reviews:  “It is easy for youth to follow as the action just keeps adding more characters and more action. It is fast-paced and will keep the reader’s interest to the very end. The end is powerful and leaves the reader’s anxious to “dig into” the next of the series.”
The Reading Room:  “The reader is drawn into the story and can enjoy living vicariously through Chris and Michael find danger and intrigue every step of the way.  If you have a young reader who likes thrillers, mysteries or adventures they will love Brothers, Bullies and Bad Guys.”
Vailia’s Page Turner:  “The action and adventuring was fierce! You name it, it happens in this book. Kidnapping, shootouts, explosions, bears, boat chase, avalanche and more!  It keeps you very fixed on the book wondering what will happen.”
Musing With CrayolaKym:  “It has all of the action packed mystery and suspense of an adult novel, but with two younger aged boys as main characters. The action wasn’t too graphic and it hits on several topics including bullying and latchkey kids.”
Book Reviews and Giveaways:  “My son finished this book and promptly requested the next.”
Purple Monster Coupons:  “This was one of the better books I’ve read in a while.  I actually told a few people about it already as I liked it that much!”
Kay LaLone ~ I Love Books!:  “Good read.”



Sinner, Survivors and Saints by N.D. RichmanTitle: Sinners, Survivors and Saints (Boulton Quest Series, Book 2 |Author: N.D. Richman Publication Date: April 22, 2014 | Publisher:Independent | Pages: 160 | Recommended Ages: 10+
Summary: Christopher and Michael become multi-millionaires and their greed endangers Katherine’s life. While Christopher, Michael and Thomas are racing to rescue her, Robert Cain’s army steals the mysterious machine and his frightening intentions become clear. Can Michael beat his inner demons? Will Katherine lose the will to survive? In this exciting sequel to Brothers, Bullies and Bad the future becomes clear, and it seems things can only get worse.


Sinners, Survivors and Saints received 20 new reviews on Amazon, 18  new reviews on Goodreads, and 11 bloggers posted reviews on their websites through this Book Review Blitz.  All together, the Book Review Blitz for the Boulton Quest Series resulted in 44 new Amazon reviews and 38 new Goodreads reviews.
Amazon Review, Becca Wilson (Click for all Amazon Reviews):  “I loved the drama and the plot once again that went along with this story. It is one that young readers and adult readers alike can enjoy (possibly even by reading together!) You will definitely not want to miss reading the second book in the series! If you have not read any of the series, I highly suggest you do!
Goodreads Review, Christy (Click for all Goodreads Reviews):  “I liked Sinners, Survivors, and Saints even more than the first book. The first felt geared more toward middle school boys, but this is one that can be enjoyed by everyone.
BeachBoundBooks:  “The characters are well developed and the trials they face and overcome add to their believability. The author’s vivid imagination shines through and he spins a fantastic high energy tale that leaves you eager for more.”
Oh My Bookness:  “You won’t want to stop reading until the last page but even then it will leave you wanting more! A read for any reluctant reader who can’t seem to find that right book that keeps them interested, but also a book not just for young adults but all and any age or gender. There is a little something for everyone.”
Amanda’s Books and More (Review by 13 year-old Samantha):  “Really interesting story, still flabbergasted with all that knowledge on computers and hacking.”
Rockin’ Book Reviews:  “…it is well-written fast-paced adventure, action, suspenseful tale. The ending takes a very unexpected twist.”
Bound 4 Escape:  “I definitely recommend Sinners, Survivors, and Saints especially for young adults but it’s a good action story for adults as well. It’s another quick and easy read that’s action packed. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series.”
Evening eBook:  “Richman adds such detail that even those who claim not to have an imagination will be picturing the scenes within the book.”
Musing With CrayolaKym:  “Overall, this is another solid story that I wouldn’t have picked up, but am glad I did. I look forward to more Boulton Quest books.”
Dalene’s Book Reviews:  “The characters are better developed in this book. Again as with the first book this book is a great read and I am going to have my grandsons read it. I look forward to reading the third book when it come out.”
Purple Monster Coupons:  “This is another book I could read more than once and again I have told a few people about it as you can’t not read the second if you’ve read the first!!”
Kay LaLone ~ I Love Books!:  “Great adventure.”
Book Reviews & Giveaways:  “[My son] says… in the series, is even better than the first. He likes how the experiences the characters have gone through still have an effect on them, just like in real life.





ND RichmanCamping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and getting into trouble: What a great way to grow up! One of my favourite memories is sitting on the handlebars of my brother’s bike, my dog on my lap, as he careened down the steep mountain trails above our home in Kamloops, BC. My brother and I had caves, tree forts, frog filled ponds, and cactus patches to play in, and sling shots for protection. Somehow I survived my childhood and proudly moved on to fatherhood. My children, Christopher, Michael, Thomas, and Katherine, kindly donated their names, characters, and ideas to theBoulton Quest series of books.



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