Monday, June 9, 2014

The Zombie Axiom Review

 There’s no viral outbreak… no ancient curse… no government experiment gone bad.  Aliens come to earth via meteorites, choose a human host, kill everything within 50 miles, and then reanimates them to do the alien’s bidding…which in this case is to exterminate all humans.  We see this scenario happening all over the world.  And beware that these zombies aren’t the slow movers we are used to shuffling along the road… no way… they are fast movers that work together with military precision! Of course, we have survivors and they band together and try to carve out a place where they can feel relatively safe and have all the necessities they need.  They find the one weakness of the zombie horde and make their refuge just out of reach.  But the necromancer in charge is a patient alien and willing to wait for just the right time to strike against the survivors.  Will his strategy work?  Will the humans outsmart the alien? Mr. Monette has created a world that the reader feels a part of and there are illustrations throughout the book that only add to the feeling of watching the story play itself out.  This book grabbed my attention from the first chapter and I couldn’t put it down!  The writing flows with feeling; you are definitely on an emotional roller-coaster with this one.  Some of the characters fell a  little flat for me and some of the secondary characters probably elicited a little more dislike from me than was necessary; but all in all this book is well written and even with the strange twist on zombies, lovers of the genre will enjoy this story. By the end I felt invested in the main characters.  I laughed and cried and will certainly be keeping an eye out for the second book to find out what becomes of them beyond this story.

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