Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Holistic Mama's Family Spring Cleanse group program starts in 10 days

I am writing to you today because The Holistic Mama's  Family Spring Cleanse group program starts in 10 days and I really want you to be a part of this group program.

The reason why I am writing to you specifically is because I know you want to see your children happily eating healthy food and not begging you for junky snacks at the grocery store. I am pretty sure you secretly envision your family preparing healthy food together and having fun doing it.

When you join the Family Spring Cleanse you'll receive:

The Cleanse Guide - which shows you how to get started quickly
Recipe Guide - with 51 kid-tested recipes to choose from, no wasted time researching and trying new recipes that your kids won't touch
Daily e-mails from me - you will get specific instructions on what to do each day, no guessing
Meal plan worksheet - an easy way to plan out your 10 day cleanse and have a plan to follow
Goal setting guide - get clear on WHY you are doing this program to make certain you achieve your goals
E-mail Access to me - just in case you need some personal support - I am here
Facebook group - You are not alone, you have a community of other Mom's here to help when you need support!
Real Food Giveaways - who doesn't like a giveaway??
BONUS Coupon codes - get exclusive coupon codes for some healthy products to get your family started eating healthy
BONUS videos from Wardeh Harmon - a few instructional videos on how to make some tasty real food recipes from a traditional foods expert.
If I were to list the top reasons why you might hesitate to join this program I would imagine you might say:

I can put together my own meal plan why do I need this?
I can figure out some recipes to make by myself, why do I need this?
I don't want to spend the money, real food is expensive.
I don't need any help I can do this alone
So here is how I will clear those up...

You are a smart person and I'm sure you could put together your own meal plan without this but this is a plug and play system - an easy button. This program will help you get a meal plan done in30 minutes or less.
There are tons of free recipes on the internet and you could spend a few hours a day searching for them and printing them out. Then you could spend a few more hours trying the recipes out and then crossing your fingers that your kids will like them - or you can just join this program and get 51 easy kid-tested recipes at your finger tips with no research time required.
Real food is expensive - I'm sure you don't want to waste it on making recipes your kids MIGHT try. If you try some recipes, no one eats the food, then your food goes to waste. Also, if you lack a plan all of the fresh veggies you bought probably will sit in the fridge and go bad before you make them.
Many of us think we can go it alone BUT having support is ESSENTIAL. Whether that support is from me or from your peers in the Facebook group. Support is the way you get results! Think about all those times you wanted to or have given up...if you had a friend there reminding you why you are doing this or just there to hear your vent - maybe you would have had better results??
Now I know WANT to join us but you might be nervous to make the TIME and MONEY commitment. Roxanne is making this easy - if you join the program, follow the steps provided, and don't feel it was worth it, contact her. If she can't get your concerns resolved she will refund your money.

It's really easy to get started now, visit this link and click the "Join Us" button at the bottom  Once you click that link it will take you to paypal and when you finish the purchase you will receive two emails. One with a link to your materials, and one asking you to confirm you joined the program. Download your materials, read them through, join the facebook group, and get started! Don't be afraid to reach out for help either to me. Roxanne, or in the facebook group. We are all here to help you.

You should sign up now because we only have 10 days left before the program starts. It's best to have a nice chunk of time to plan your program and choose your recipes. We still have a week and a half so you can take your time with your plan.

I'm looking forward to doing this program with you, join us now!

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