Saturday, April 12, 2014

A-Z Challenge~~~K~~Kite Flying

Important Terms Regarding Kites
Kite flying promises fun and relaxation for beginner or advanced flyers alike. Kites come in a variety of styles and shapes. Whether you're buying one as a gift or nurturing a hobby, its important to purchase the right kind of kite for your purposes. Here are some important terms about kites that can help you make a smart buy.

Delta Kite - A delta-shaped, popular kite that is perfect for all levels of flyers and kids. Delta kites tend to fly well whether you're at the beach or a park.
Box Kites - A kite with extra support sticks that form a 3D shape. Box kites can fly very high and may float casually or display interesting movements. Some box kites have spinners attached, which spin in response to wind.
Diamond Kites - A classic type of kite that is shaped like a diamond. These kites are appropriate for both beginner and advanced flyers and can fly even in light wind.
Stunt Kite - A type of kite for more advanced flyers. Stunt kites are made to be fast and easy to maneuver for tricks such as turns and loops.
Power Kites - A kite that is designed to exhibit power in its flight. These kites are best for experienced flyers.
Spar - One of the sticks that acts as a supportive skeleton for the kite.
Bridle - The connection between the kite and the string. Usually the string is connected in two places, but some kites have many more.
Tail - The strips of material that hang from the bottom of the kite for drag. They may also be constructed on the wing tips of the kite.
Kite Kit - Many kite retail centers offer kits or supplies so you or your kids can design and make a unique flying toy.
 Windy days at the beach or park, coupled with the perfect kite, can make for a fun day outdoors. The next time you’re outside on a windy day in a wide open public space, look up. You’ll see kites in all colors of the rainbow, some big, some small, some with large tails, and some with little ones. There are kites for small children, and large, elaborate ones for adults. Some kites aren’t even meant to be flown via string: you can ride them on the sand. This hobby is called sand kite boarding and is great for older kids and adults alike. Surfing kites are similar, only this sport takes place out on the water. There are also stunt kites, power kites, and boomerang kites. Each one has a different look and feel. From prism and box to windsock and spinner, kites of all kinds abound. Where do you find kites? Head to a tourist shop anywhere at a crowded beach and you’ll find many kites to choose from. Retail hobby shops within malls and outlets are another option, and you can even purchase some online. Toys stores also sell them, as do specialty outdoor recreation shops that sell these plus sporting goods, kite parts, and gifts. If you’re looking to make your own, get creative by visiting an arts and crafts store, or pick up a kit from a hobby shop. Wind spinners are great for your garden or front lawn. If you’re just beginning to fly kites, try a delta kite, which is a classic single line kite that’s simple to control. Single line para foils are virtually indestructible and are ideal for kids. Dual line para foil kites are a bit more powerful, resembling a two-line high performance stunt kite, ideal for adults.

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