Friday, April 4, 2014

A-Z Challenge ~~~D~~~ D-Day Conneaut Ohio

German reenactors hold the high ground as the Americans fight their way onto and up the beach of Conneaut, OH. A restored B-25 (Georgie's Gal), an M4-A3 Sherman tank, Amtrak, working Higgins boats, and DUKW amphibious crafts will help defend the Allies cause in a riveting exchange of firepower as the battle lines morph before your eyes.

Located on the grounds of Conneaut Township Park, spectators are invited to roam through highly realistic Axis or Allied camps and interact with reenactors who will help you visualize and understand what a medical unit, communication station, camp kitchen, or weapons depot would have looked like during WWII.

As you explore, chances are you'll meet the real veterans who left home and all they held dear to fight for their country.

One of the largest reenactments in the country commemorating The Longest Day, participants gather from coast to coast at their own expense to honor the sacrifice of those involved in the actual battle, both sides.

Education takes on living, breathing dimensions as soldiers, airmen, and seamen walk alongside you. Don't be too intimidated to find the SS standing next to you. Hop out of the way if hear the infantry marching behind you.  You'll be able to smell the pungent rifle discharge and listen to the ting-ting-ting-ting of spent shells as they fall to the pavement. At some point, if you listen closely, you'll hear the click of hobnailed boots approaching.

Some events scheduled include Axis/Allied weapons demonstrations, camp tours, home front experiences, USO show, firing the Sherman tank, veteran personal histories, tactical demonstrations, and small but intense battles throughout the park. Who ultimately takes the La Fiere Bridge? The visceral event is far more intriguing than watching a movie from the comfort of your couch and vastly more moving than a bland museum diorama.

Admission to the event is free, but the experience will be priceless as you watch the Allied landing and see the Germans struggle to defend their beach. A spectacular living tribute, D-Day Conneaut is without doubt an amazing tribute to a pivotal time in world history.  A hint: hang with the bad guys- the Germans are fun. This years D-Day will take place August 22-23 2014.  If you are looking for something to do I would recommend that you come and check it out.  If you are from out of town come and visit for the weekend and enjoy a good time.

Here are some of our pictures that we took at last years D-Day If you want to find out more about D-Day you can visit them Here.

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