Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal #A-ZChallenge

A-Z Challenge Theme revealed! Today is the Challenge Theme Reveal hosted by Damyanti’s  team. Check out Jemima Pett’s blog to see the list of people taking part in this hop. Hop around and have fun seeing what people will be writing about during the Blogging from A-Z Challenge come April

On this blog, I don't really have a theme I just figure that I will try and tell you all a little bit about the part of the world that I live in and maybe a mixture of where I am from.  We will see how this works out.  If not I have a back up plan.  It will be well I will let it for a suprise.  You will have to come and see for yourself what the backup plan is.  Thanks for stoping by and I will visit you on your blog soon.  And to my reader I would like to invite you to play along if you would like either leave a comment with the days letter or please feel free to post it on our Facebook Page.

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