Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ivy Bridge College

Without fail, every January we reflect on the areas of our lives we hope to improve upon in the coming year. For many of us education has been an area where we've made resolutions but have found ourselves putting our own goals on hold.

Ivy Bridge College knows Moms juggle it all and they have designed an online education that caters to our busy schedules. Regardless of your academic background, Ivy Bridge's unique program allows stay-at-home or working Moms the freedom to pursue an Associate's degree at their own pace, then seamlessly transfer to one of their over 150 big name partner schools - including Arizona State University, the University of Maryland, Rutgers University, Pepperdine, among others - to complete a four-year degree. Featuring the support services that Moms need and that are scarce or nonexistent at other colleges - such as free and guaranteed success coaching, academic advising, career advising, transfer advising, tutoring, and for Moms, a private online community just for them - Ivy Bridge proves a successful tool in helping Moms achieve educational goals.


An advanced education at Ivy Bridge is about 1/3 of what it costs to attend other private universities, and the student body at Ivy Bridge College is comprised of 50% Moms. With this highly flexible program, you can earn an Associate's Degree in just 17 months. This degree allows you to grow professionally while also increasing your earning potential. 
If you're thinking of going back to school or would like to learn more about Ivy Bridge College, visit the website here.

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