Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Keurig Vue House Party

 All set up for the party.

Grand daughter helping my get everything out.

I am SO excited!  I was chosen to host my first ever house party!  Just look at what I will be receiving to

Your House Party Party Pack will contain:

1 Keurig® Vue® branded apron
6 boxes of Keurig® Vue® Packs
2 Brew Over Ice Tumblers
13 Keurig® Vue® napkins, cups and lids
Keurig® offer for 50% off Keurig® brewers at Keurig.com
Keurig® Vue® brochures
Keurig® napkins
Cookies to accompany beverages
13 After Coffee Signature Peppermint packs
Your Keurig Party Pack will contain…(drum roll, please)…the brand new Keurig® Vue® brewer!

WOOHOO!  When The Box came

Party is planned for September 21st…I can’t wait to share photos with you!
Would you like to host your own party, visit

to find the right party for you!
Thank you to Keurig and House Party for this amazing opportunity!

 If you’re not familiar with HouseParty.com , I encourage you to check it out. HGTV partners with companies and brands to allow their members to host these house parties, where the host invites friends over to out  experience the new product. Spaces are limited, so the host basically has to “earn” his or her spot, and HouseParty.com selects the hosts based on interests and who they think are the best fits.

And this one was a great one to be a “best fit” for!

Hosting a coffee party would have been awesome. But I decided to spice it up a bit by making it a coffee + brunch party. You know, a coffee bar, mimosas, food. .. the whole works. My Party Pack came with all sorts of goodies (6 boxes of Vue Packs, a Keurig Vue apron, napkins, cookies, mints, coffee cups, tumblers, and of course, the new Keurig Vue ) and I just had to purchase the brunch goodies and invite. Easy peasy!

Plus, I LOVE hosting, entertaining and throwing parties, so this was practically the highlight of my week (or maybe even month.) So after making list after list, shopping for the party necessities and deep-cleaning my apartment, it was time for my Vue Party.

While I prepped for the party and waited for the guests to arrive, of course I had to indulge in a cup of  coffee .
If you’re considering purchasing a Keurig Vue, it’s absolutely worth every penny. (In fact, I just purchased one as a gift.) You can make cafe-style beverages, iced coffees and teas, choose the strength of your coffee, brew travel-sized drinks and more.

Sorry for posting this so late I just found it in the Drafts I forgot to publish it

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  1. Sounds like there was fun at the party Thanks for posting even if it was late everyone overlooks things now and again.