Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Torani Review

I got a full-size bottle of their Peppermint Syrup, a full-size bottle of their Salted Carmel  , 5 coupons for a $1.00 off bottle of any Torani syrup and a special offer code to get 10% off at (which I will be sharing with you!). I am a heavy coffee drinker. I drink 2 – 6 cups of coffee a day. (Now my secret is out!). With Torani syrups I may drink more now since my coffee now tastes like a dessert. Use this Special Offer Code: shespeaks to buy any Torani flavor syrup online at at a 10% discount! I found out that you can Torani syrups is almost any beverage from cocktails to coffee drinks, lemonades and ice teas and more. Since I will probably stick to the coffee drinks, I am glad that they provided some recipes for me to follow.Thanks Torani and SheSpeaks!

It took some playing around with the syrup to find the right amount of syrup to put in the coffee. I think it would be handy to have a measuring spoon or something for future use to quickly figure this out. I think they do sell pumps for the bottles. So, they may actually be really handy when deciding how much you need. However, at least this way, you can decide exactly how much syrup to put into your drink. I've used the Salted Caramel  a half-dozen times in cookie batter and my morning coffee! It's so good... The sweet / salty combo makes everything taste just that much better.

About Torani:
Since 1925, family-owned Torani has been crafting great tasting flavored syrups that coffeehouses use to make their flavored drinks taste so delicious. With over 120 flavors in regular and sugar free varieties, Torani flavored syrups are perfect for flavored lattes, mochas, coffees, cocoas, Italian sodas, teas, lemonades, cocktails and smoothies. Coffeehouse professionals choose Torani flavors because they are expertly crafted and made with the highest quality ingredients, like natural flavors and pure cane sugar. The sugar free flavors have no calories and are sweetened with Splenda. Now, Torani Flavored Syrups are widely available at retail so you can easily create authentic coffeehouse quality drinks at home

.SheSpeaks and Torani have teamed up to offer my readers a very special 10% discount for the coming Holidays! Just use the discount code: SheSpeaks when you buy any Syrup at

I used the Peppermint syrup in coffee and hot chocolate and loved it! With the Torani syrup, I can have some of my favorite coffee shop drinks at home at a fraction of the cost. I also made a lazy peppermint mocha by making hot chocolate with strong coffee and then adding the peppermint syrup and some milk. I only wish I had some whipped cream to put on top. Every so often I used to get a peppermint mocha or peppermint white chocolate mocha from a coffee shop but I would often ask for less of the peppermint syrup because I found it to be too strong. The peppermint flavor would overpower all the other flavors in the drink. This was not the case with the Torani Peppermint syrup at all. The peppermint flavor and sweetness were both light, enough to taste but not too strong.

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