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PinyPon party

One weekend we hosted a PinyPon party. I had never even heard of PinyPon tell I got the invitation to host a PinyPon party. PinyPon are mini-dolls world that are designed for independent and modern girls, that love fashion clothes animals and nature. You can collect and create endless characters. PinyPon is a colorful collection of amazing interchangeable friends you can swap everything arms legs, dresses, hair styles, you can even swap there faces. I know its a great idea. They are designed for kids 4 and up this is because there are some small parts involved like purses etc that a small child could choke on. So please please be careful with these if you have little ones in the house.  There is also a PinyPon hotel, apartment, shopping mall, car, and a caravan. We received a caravan and several PinyPon figures for the kids to test out at the party.
I love the PinyPon figures they look cute and the girls can change them around so they don't get board with them quite as easily. They are easy enough to change around that they can do it on there own. The caravan is super cute the top comes off and when you turn it over it makes a little boat complete with a slide. Inside the caravan the side lays down and has a little bath tub there is even a refrigerator and beds. It does come with a table and chairs and very small dishes be very careful with these some of them are as small as my finger nail and the spoons and forks were like the size of my stud earnings. I sucked a couple up with the vacuum after the party they have gotten lost in the carpet. Over all I love the caravan I was a little disappointed that the flip up window on the side of the caravan keeps coming off. There is also quite a bit of assembly with these you have to put a few things together and there are quite a few stickers that will need to be stuck on. The kids loved PinyPon they spent hours playing with them trading and changing parts and accessories. I cant believe how much fun they had with everything. PinyPon had defiantly on the Christmas list this year. Check out the pictures and see how much fun they had exploring and learning about PinyPon. You can see the PinyPon site  you can find PinyPon at several different retailers including amazon and toys r us Prices range between $4.99 and $19.99. A fairly reasonable price for a toy that has so many different fashion options.  I can see a lot more PinyPon in the future Let the Collecting begin!We also got to try out a new doll by the makers of PinyPon. Its the Nenuco New Born Makes bubbles doll. Its a cute little baby that drinks form its bottle wets in the potty and blows bubbles when you squeeze its hand. Its a great little baby that is designed for ages 4+. It can be found at several retailers kmart, amazon,toys r us. Hear is the Nenuco site so you can check out all the great Nenuco dolls that they offer.
I liked the Nenuco baby doll because its got a potty for it to go in. Our other doll that goes potty did not have a potty and the diapers were expensive. Its got a cute face and I love all the chubby baby arms and legs.  The pacifier looks so much like the ones the girls had when they were baby's.  Its just a fun doll that little girls would love to care for.

This last week, Little Girl had a new party for some of her friends. She hosted (meaning I hosted) a MommyParties get-together for Pinypon, a toy I had never heard of until we received an e-mail about them.We did enjoy ourselves at the party. In exchange for hosting our Pinypon/Nenuco party, we received the following:- (11) Collectable Pinypon Figurines
- (2) Pinypon Caravans (one used for review, one to giveaway to a guest)
- (2)  Nenuco Newborn Dolls (one used for review, one to giveaway to another guest)
- Pinypon and Nenuco Coupons for guests to have
- Easy-to-make recipes
- Games and activities information

We chose to entertain guests with a few snacking including:

Fashion & Fun Trail Mix

- 5 cups cereal (I used Multigrain Cheerios)
- 1 1/2 cups pretzel sticks
- 1 cup mini-marshmallows
- 1 cup golden raisins
- 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

We also made a drink for guests called:
Pinypon Punch

- 6 ounces frozen Lemonade
- 2 liters ginger ale
- 1 small container pink sherbet
- 1 small container frozen strawberries

Pour all ingredients into a bowl, and top with the sherbet.

We used the Pinypon markers we received as an ice-breaker. The children were allowed to pull a marker from a bowl, and the marker had a number on it. #1 was chosen to pick their Pinypon figurine first, until they were all claimed by a loving owner.Pinypon allows children to be as creative as they want by allowing for their Pinypon figurines to be customizable and collectible. Whether your little girl likes shopping, cooking, fashion or is an animal lover, there is a Pinypon figurine for her! Just how can you customize your Pinypon figurine? By interchanging all of the following: hair, head, body, legs, and accessories, your child can create a unique new toy that shows their very own personality! Faces can also be swapped out to find just the right style to match your child. Pinypon figurines are a great idea for little girls to share their toys with others! One can borrow an accessory or hairstyle and swap out as they see fit! The dolls are well constructed and easy to assemble while switching out accessories. The Nenuco doll was also introduced to my guests and is brought to us by Famosa (the same company that sells Pinypon figurines.) This doll love being fed, bathed, dressed, and put to sleep. Children ages 4-6 will find this baby doll interesting as she can grow with your child by teaching nurturing and educational play. If you have a new baby on the way, your daughter might love to take care of her own baby doll to show her how you will care for your new bundle of joy! Famosa is known for high-quality dolls with engaging and unique features and has been a leading European toy company for more than 50 years! The doll is made of quality products, and the outfit is absolutely adorable! I love the little bippy (pacifier) the baby doll has. Even Little Boy enjoys telling me she is crying and needs her bippy. Each Little Girl that attended received a certificate with their name, and the name of their Pinypon doll they chose. Parents who attended didn’t leave empty handed either! They received a product information sheet, and coupons for both Pinypon products and the Nenuco New Born Makes Bubbles doll.Connect with the sponsor:

Find Pinypon via Facebook, Twitter, or via the Pinypon website or Nenuco via Facebook, Twitter, or via the Nenuco website! If you have never heard of Pinypon here is a little about it – Welcome to the world of Pinypon a mini-dolls world inhabited by independent and modern girls, who love fashion, accessories and the newest hairstyles. Shopping is one of their favorite things to do! With their pets, they travel the world in their super-cool van going to new places and making new friends. Pinypon is a colorful collection of interchangeable friends. You can mix and match everything - dresses, accessories, hairstyles and even faces, for tons of fun!

Available nationwide, the Pinypon line can be found in the doll aisle at Toys“R”Us. Pinypon ranges in price from $2.99 for the individual mini dolls to $19.99 for the caravan.

In exchange for hosting a party, I was given a party pack. Our party package was full of fun for all the children in attendance! Pinypon Figures
Pinypon Caravans (one for my daughter and one to give away to a child in attendance)
Pinypon Coupons (so everyone could enjoy the Pinypon fun!)
Themed games and activities
We played many of the games provided and the children loved the Scavenger Hunt game.
The fall Fashion show: where they mixed and matched their Pinypon then showed them off.
And Strike a Pose: Playing dress up and walking the runway!
Easy-to-make recipes (message me if you would love to try these recipes with your child)
On the Road Trail Mix
Pinypon Pinwheels
Pinypon punch
Fashion Makeover Cupcakes (a favorite at the party!)
***AND A BONUS: We received two Nenuco Newborn Dolls, one to keep and another to raffle off during the party.

OUR THOUGHTS: All the girls in attendance thought the Pinypon toys were great. They spent hours mixing and matching the figures and naming their new friends. I know the parents loved that they are reasonably priced and readily available for the upcoming holiday season. I know we are going to pick up the Pinypon hotel for a Christmas present!

Each child went home with a figure and certificate for their Pinypon! (and the parents went home with 6 coupons!) For an added interactive experience, girls can log onto and engage with the online Pinypon games, puzzles and coloring books. WOOO! I love hosting parties, it allows for friends and family to come and enjoy each other's company. But lately I've been really enjoying hosting parties for kids and for different products. I hosted a party for Pinypon & Nenuco Famous toys! I've never heard of them. I was excited when I received the opportunity to host it for them.

 I thought the toys were amazingly cute and nothing that I've played with as a child. The toys allows the kids to change the styles of the doll. The Pinypons are small toys that come with different accessories and allows you to interchange the heads, hair, clothes, etc. This is a great concept!  The girls loved it until they realized how small the pieces were and they couldn't really keep everything collected in the carvans as the tops don't completely closes. The Caravan also came along with the dolls. They were like barbie cars, but what I liked about this is that the roof  turns into a boat and it also has a pool that actual water can go in and they can use a spray to wash the dolls up. Why does packaging have to be a pain?

I received the Nenuco Famous  New Born Makes Bubbles. The doll is suppose to allow the child to teach the doll to use the potty. It's a great concept and helped my 2 year old understand what goes in your mouth will come out of the bottom. lol

I raffled one off to the other girls and they were excited to win this. I turned this party into a pot luck so all the moms brought in their own dishes to share and we had a tea party it seemed like since there were tea sandwiches, cupcakes, cookies and biscuits. I'm enjoying throwing these parties and I've met some moms at the school who has girls! :) Everyone's asking me when I'm going to host another party, but for boys this time. lol

Be sure to follow these awesome companies on their Facebook page and let them know that I sent you!

Disclaimer:I would like to thank MommSelect and PinyPon for providing us with the free toys and supply's used in our PinyPon Party.

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