Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tail Town Facebook Game Review

In addition to the launch of the new Facebook game Webkinz Friends  last week, Ganz has quietly launched Tail Towns as Tail Towns Friends  on Facebook! We've briefly played the Tail Towns Friends Beta and, while Webkinz Friends is free-style play type of "Ville game" on Facebook, Tail Towns Friends has more directed quests with a storyline in Tail Towns.

Users have been waiting more than a year since the original projected launch of Tail Towns, and it is finally here! Tail towns was originally set to be released as a browser-based Unity3D game but was re-tooled as a Facebook game. It appears that the figurines that were originally shown to retailers and consumers WILL be used for the game, as there's an area called a "Figurine Collection (Coming Soon)". We're excited that Ganz has released two brand-new games in a week, and it looks like it's going to be a big year for the company and for us here at Webkinz Insider and Tail Towns Insiders ! We'll need your help in our Tail Towns Friends Forum  and in developing sections in our Tail Towns Friends Wiki  with the new game. Let's have some fun! I’m not sure whether to be happy that I was introduced to this new fun and addicting game or not so happy. With the little time that I already have (or don’t have) I’m not finding time to do one more thing. Join my friends at Tail Towns for some country fun! Check out my new place! It is still a work in progress but with my limited time I can only work on it a little at a time. Tail Towns is a game filled with planting, harvesting, producing, and making a once monopolized city thrive with your help. When you join Tail Towns on Facebook you will get a tour while you play. Each goal you accomplish will show you how the game works. It is easy to catch on too and very addicting. As the goals get harder to accomplish (more energy needed, more acorns, or help from your friends) you soon realize you are out of the tutorial stage.
As you play Tail Towns each goal will help you decorate your orchard. Your Decor score is what is measured to see who is in the lead. Some goals will have you planting fruit, vegetables, flowers, and grain. While others will have you using these resources to make juice, snacks, and special orders. You will also want to increase your reputation by helping your friends at their orchards. As your reputation increases you will earn permits to purchase additional land and increase the size of your orchard at Tail Towns.
So there is an additional feature to this fun new and addicting game Tail Towns. That is the figurines you can purchase that will give you a little extra boost. Play Trail Town Friends Now  Have you tried Tail Towns Friends on Facebook? Do you think the game's target audience would be interested in collecting these figurines? Sound off in the comments!

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