Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kiss Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit:

The kit looks pretty cute and comes with a generous sized bottle of glue, pink plastic tweezers ad a pair of gorgeous lashes as you can see in the picture above. There are instructions on the back of the package how to apply them and I thought they were quite helpful especially for the first-timers.

"Ever tried applying eyelashes but became frustrated when they didn’t position correctly? Only to remove them and start over? Kiss Ever PRO Lash Starter Kit provides everything you need for amazing lashes instantly! The new PRO Lash Applicator allows for a flawless application every time! Kiss lashes come in a variety of styles that are perfect for everything from day wear to a formal evening event."The shape of these is really nice. The are slightly longer at the outer corner of your eye than the inner corner, which creates a nice, natural look that isn't too flared out. They are very full lashes and make you look like you have the most beautiful thick lashes ever. The band isn't too thick and it isn't to flimsy, so it's very easy to place on your lash line without any trouble.

The kit also came with an applicator tool that is absolutely FANTASTIC, as well as a little bottle of lash glue. I love the applicator because I find it easier to use that tweezers(which is what I used to use to help me apply lashes) due to the size and shape that allow it to grab your lashes easily. The glue is also quite nice because instead of being in a squeeze tube, it has a wand applicator. This allows for a very easy, mess-free application of glue. It also makes it much easier to apply a thinner layer, which means it will dry faster!

Overall, I think this lash kit is great, especially for guys and gals who are new to false lashes. I definitely recommend you guys check out Kiss lash kits, because they are really good!

Here's a link to the Kiss website, so you guys can check them out yourselves!
Disclaimer: I received this product for the purpose of review. All opinions are honest and of my own.

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