Saturday, September 1, 2012

Soft Scrub Review and Giveaway

I received the Soft Scrub Total All Purpose with bleach and Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl Cleaner to try to help remove grease and grime from the kitchen and the bathroom. There are several near features about both that I really like.  It's a spray bottle but you can hold it upside down to spray and it works just the same as if you were holding it upright.  This comes in handy for spraying the inside of your toilet bowl for instance. Another neat feature of both of these products is that there is a flip open screen on each one.

 Close the screen to get a foam spray, open the screen to get a regular spray. I decided to try the kitchen cleaner  from Soft Scrub on my stove.  It was definitely a bit grimey.  I was kind of obsesses with the foaming action so I used that on the stove as well. I think it worked pretty well.  The bathroom cleaner I used in the tub, sink and toilet. I even used it on the stainless steel faucets and such and it did a great job. I’m a fan of Soft Scrub Total All Purpose Cleaner With Bleach. I love products that work just as well in the kitchen as they do in the bathroom or even other rooms. I also love that you can turn it upside down to get into hard to reach places, and it still works. You can either use the foam (which is perfect for toilet bowls, shower walls, and even inside your microwave) or the spray (which is great for counter tops).

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