Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Neon Tiki Tribe Party

I received a copies of all 3 books and tee shirts and more to host a Neon Tiki Tribe Party from Moms Select and Mommy Parties.  We had a great time at the party and everyone enjoyed themselves big and small alike.  Reading is not only a great way to encourage your kids to creatively think, but also a great way to get some positive messages across in a great story!  I love books that not only teach my kids but also encourage them to make a difference in this world! WE got the opportunity to pre-screen a few books from a new SUPERHEROES TRIBE that will be sweeping the nation shortly - "The Neon Tiki Tribe" group! These books not only offer a positive storyline with adorable "superhero like" characters, but also encourage kids to take care of the world we live in, be super heroes (friends to everyone) on the playground (anti-bullying) and being kind to friends & animals alike!  ADORABLE!!

These brightly colorful characters offer kids the positive reinforcement to be MORE than ordinary and instead, be extraordinary...SUPERHEROES of their own sort!  Doing good for the environment, the earth and to & for each other.  This makes me happy to let my kids read these types of books!  Plus, what kids don't like SUPER HERO like characters?  All four of my kids LOVE them!   So what is the Neon Tiki Tribe?  A brand new series of books (3 titles so far!) that feature the Tikis.  The Tikis have powers/abilities that are accessed through special sunglasses.  Some of their powers include invisibility, spraying water (handy when you have an enemy that makes fires), forming a slingshot, and many others.  The Neon Tiki Tribe are the good guys.  Their enemies are the Ku Tiki Tribe.  Greg is their human pal (along with his dog Sniff-Sniff) who found them in his backyard on Tiki Island.   Tiki is also a great acronym:

I think that is something we all strive for our children to be.  If these fun books can encourage our children towards this goal, then I think all children should read them.  What else will your children find when they open the pages and step into the world of the Neon Tiki Tribe?  The books are full size and brightly colored.  The characters are easy to relate to.  The "good guys" and "bad guys" are easy to identify.  There is a good resolution to the stories.  As a parent, these are winners.  By the way all of my children (the boys and girls, the 23 year old on down) love to read and re-read the stories and continue playing "tikis" they are a hit. To learn more about the Tikis you can find them on their webpage , their Facebook page , Twitter , Google+ , Pinterest  and even YouTube .
Watch for Party pictures Soon  I received free products as part of a promotional Program with Moms Select   .All opinions are my own.

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