Friday, September 21, 2012

Enfagrow Older Toddler Program

Thanks to I was able to let my little's ones try the Enfagrow Older toddler ready to drink. The Enfagrow products are tailored to nourish the development that helps your toddler reach milestones at this critical toddler stage. I was surprised how good this product tasted, ( i know it wasn't for me but my little one made it look so good.) My daughter favored one was the vanilla flavor.With 25 key nutrients and the higher levels of vitamins C and E than cow milk, I would recommend this for your toddler.Enfagrow is a shelf stable milk from Enfamil,  that provides 25 key nutrients for a toddler's development.  It has a more vitamin C and E than cow's milk too.  It's available in both vanilla and natural milk flavor.  The question for me was, that's great but can I get him to drink it.  I knew I could get him to try it but to actually drink all of it, I wasn't so sure.  I put the Enfagrow in the refrigerator to chill.  They were barely cold when my so carried one of the packages over to me and said "Mommy, can I have that?"  So I gave him one of the vanilla ones first.  He drank it all.  Then after supper he pulled another one out of the fridge.  He drank the natural milk flavor too but seemed to prefer the vanilla the most.  I actually took a small sip of the vanilla just to see what it tasted like.  It kinda reminded me of a lightly sweetened melted vanilla milkshake if that makes sense.  They come in drink box like containers with an attached straw so it would be easy to send with them to daycare, preschool, or even on a trip to the grandparents house.
Nutrition tailored for toddlers. Artificial flavor. Triple health guard: helps support growth, brain & eye, immune system. DHA & iron. Ready-to-drink. Easy to open. Enjoy with straw or pour in sippy cup. The Enfamil staged nutrition line is individually tailored to meet your child's changing nutritional needs. Enfagrow Premium Older Toddler has our natural defense dual prebiotics blend, designed to help support digestive health and also provides three key nutritional benefits: growth: 19 nutrients to support growth; brain & eye: experts recommend DHA to help support brain and eye development; immune system: antioxidants and other nutrients to help support the immune system.
Low-Fat Milk and Less than 1% Galactooligosaccharides, Polydextrose, Sugar, Artificial Flavor, Fish Oil (Cod and Salmon), Vitamin E Acetate, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D3, Gellan Gum, Ferrous Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Sunflower Lecithin.
Do not accept if package has been opened.
Ready to drink. Chill, shake well and serve. Refrigerate after opening and use within 48 hours. Remove foil seal and pour into cup or use interlocking straw to drink straight from carton; fully extend straw, pierce seal with pointed end and insert fully. Storage: Unopened cartons may be stored at room temperature, avoid excessive heat and do not freeze. To find out more information on SheSpeaks you can visit Here.
To find out more information on Enfamil you can visit them here.

I have some coupons to share if you need any please feel free to contact me for one. I will gladly send you one.

Disclosed:  I received this product for free for the purpose of the review All opinions are my own.

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