Wednesday, September 19, 2012


EBOOST  is a natural alternative to all of those artificially flavored, sugary and caffeinated energy drinks. I can’t even imagine putting those products in my body so it is great to have EBOOST when I need an energy boost. EBOOST  is a blend of “high-grade vitamins and minerals to keep you at the top of your game all day long.”  I like that EBOOST comes in a convenient pouch that you simply add to water and mix. You can stash in your purse or bag so you have it on hand when you find yourself lagging. EBOOST is available in flavor packets or tablets including Orange, Pink Lemonade and Acai-Pomegranate. EBOOST uses water soluble ingredients including Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamins B6 and B12, Natural Green Tea Extract, Potassium and Grape Seed Extract. You can view the entire line of ingredients here . When I received the sample of EBOOST I was anxious to give it a try. All the ingredients are healthy and good for you…so what did I have to lose? Well, maybe the tired feeling I always have.The taste was a little strong for my liking but would have been worth it if I had felt the charge of energy that should have happened. The over all of it was that it was good .
You can visit the EBOOST website to learn more. To purchase EBOOST  visit their site. To use EBOOST add one packet to 8 ounces of water and you are ready to go……just remember it is effervescent too so I recommend adding to water slowly.What is EBOOST?

EBOOST is a daily health booster that comes in powder and tablet form, and mixes with water to become an orange-flavored effervescent drink.Made from natural ingredients, EBOOST’s proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals activates the four vital elements of performance: ENERGY, IMMUNITY, RECOVERY and FOCUS
Key ingredients of EBOOST include Vitamin C, B6, and B12, Zinc, GreenTea Extract, Potassium, and many more.

Who Drinks EBOOST?

EBOOST is specially formulated for those who wish to operate at full capacity despite busy lifestyles and demanding schedules. Whether for work or working out, studying, beating jet lag, or curing a hangover, EBOOST fuels our consumers’ packed lives. They turn to EBOOST for that healthy competitive advantage. EBOOST has developed a loyal following among health-conscious consumers who value quality, efficacy and design.
Disclaimer  I did receive  product samples for the purpose of reviewing.  The thoughts and ideas about the product are my own.

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