Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nerf Fire Vision Football Review

I just opened my box from Buzzagent just this morning and WOW, my family is going to have a ball when they see the new Nerf Fire Vision. The whole set includes a Awesome Nerf ball plus two pair of LED glasses, one red & one green!I love how it illuminates at night with the glasses. I tried the red pair first and you can see the ball very well. It's like the glasses made the ball glow which to me made it much easier to see. I didn't have to worry about charging up anything. It glows during the day and night but what better fun to have then to toss it around at night. It has a range of 100 feet away from your LED glasses, that's a nice range especially for night vision.Here is more details about the New Nerf Fire Vision Football:
Energize your football play with the bright blazing light of this awesome Nerf Firevision Sports - Football! The ball's unique Microprism Technology lets you play for hours with blazing energy and a bright glow with no charging, and the included FIREVISION Frames activate the ball. Whether you're slamming through a hardcore game or scrimmaging with a friend, you'll be at the top of your game with the FIREVISION Sports Football and activation frames! Hyperball set with either red or green frames - $9.99 Nerfoop set with either red or green frames - $14.99 Nerf football set with red or green frames - $19.99 Red or green frames sold separately - $5.99  Makes for a great Present for all of those up coming birthdays or for Christmas.

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