Friday, July 27, 2012

The Original Dish Drying Mat

The new solution to the age old tradition of placing dish towels on the counter when hand-washing pots, pans, dishes and glassware. Hardworking and super-absorbent, the Dish Drying Mat protects countertops and dishes, dries fast and stores easily. Discover the exciting range of “The Original” products here.

· Holds 4 times its weight in water
· Cushions delicate dishes and stemware
· Machine washable and highly durable
· Folds and stores easily
· Has multiple uses: try it underneath your dish drying rack in place of the plastic drain board. Place it underneath your appliances (mixer, blender, etc.) to protect your counter top from scratches and scuffs

For best results, allow The Original Dish Drying Mat to thoroughly dry between uses. Frequently machine wash, with like colors, in cold water with a liquid detergent , and before first use. Tumble dry low. Do not iron. Do not use bleach, fabric softener or dryer sheets.

The Original Dish Drying Mat should not be used as a pot holder, oven mitt or hot pad.

Where to Buy
The Original Dish Drying Mat is available exclusively at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
Suggested retail price:  $4.99
*Also available in an Extra Large Size 18” x 24” for $7.99!  I’ve always laid out dish towels on my counters to use as drying surfaces. I thought that was the only solution. It was a bit of a pain – as it would mean one less dish towel for other uses, and there was always a puddle left behind when all was said and done. I had seen The Original Dish Drying Mat at Bed Bath & Beyond before, but never thought to give it a try.The Original Dish Drying Mat has a unique, laminated design that combines a thin layer of foam between two layers of super absorbent microfiber which can hold up to 4 times its weight in water. It’s soft enough to cushion delicate items, yet is sturdy enough to hold up to the bigger jobs of heavy pots and cookware. It’s also ideal for placing under larger, heavier appliances to protect counter tops from scratches and scuff marks. The mat is machine washable and folds and stores easily.Not only is The Original Dish Drying Mat perfect for delicate glassware, it’s also great for setting  wet veggies and fruit on, baby bottles, and children’s toys after washing! No mess or water left on the counter to clean up after. I even used the Dry Mats for my delicate clothes that I cannot throw in the dryer; after washing I layed the item on the Drying Mat, rolled it up and squeezed, it took alot of the excess water out of the garment cutting drying time, much better than getting water drips all over from wet hanging clothes.Laminated refers to our patented process for securing the layers for the dish mat together – mircofiber side 1, foam, microfiber side 2 are all flame laminated together. This process enables the dish mat to be machine washed and dried repeatedly without the layers separating.

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