Sunday, April 8, 2012

Just for MEN Auto Stop

I was given the chance to review this product and it couldn't have come at a better time my husband really needed a coloring job his hair was all turning gray and was the perfect person to try this on.  It was really easy to use and it is very fast to use.Just For Men has been around a while I remember it in the 70's, it worked There was no variance, grey to dark that was it.   My husband went into the  bathroom and went to work. When he was done he came out and the difference was noticeable. He no longer had the gray peaking out around his ears and his mustache looked darker but natural.  He said that this new formula of Just For Men was way easier to use then the previous formula and he was happy that it did not turn his white hair into something so dark that people stared. He was glad that he got to use it and he loved it .  He said that the next time his hair needs done he is going to use this again.  He had to share some with his friends that needed the extra help this is how well he liked it.  If you or someone you know needs a little help with those gray hairs tell them to go and try some Just for Men Auto Stop and they will be surprised of the results.

I received this product from just for men auto stop and from smiley360 as I am a member and even though I Received  this product all opinion are my own well in this case my husbands with his permission to write this.
 Just For Men Auto stop comes in light brown , medium brown dark brown, real black and jet black!

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