Friday, February 17, 2012

Iris and the Dragonflies Review By Rosemary Danielis

After dragons, in the form of spell-bound dragonflies tell Iris she is their long-awaited Dragon Seer, Iris takes the first step toward her destiny by challenging the greedy mayor who wants to destroy the local creek, the dragonflies' home.  But evil never works alone and a man with his own mysterious connections to Iris will do anything to stop her. Iris, a feisty, solitary, eleven-year-old girl prefers being down by the creek near her house more than anywhere else in the world. School is nothing but a joyless prison and uninterested in her classmates she spends each day gazing out the window, waiting for the dismissal bell to ring. Her only friends are the dragonflies who flit through the shoulder high bulrushes growing along the creek's banks. Iris discovers the dragonflies are more than they appear to be and that she is the key to resolving an age-old battle between light and dark, good and evil. She has the ability to unleash the power of the Earth to restore the balance that has been lost. This however is not what the Solaris have in mind. They are the world's most powerful Evil and Iris is the only one who can stop them! Will Iris and her friends be able to win this battle? Iris and the Dragonflies is empowering, and a must read for all girls.
About the Author
Rosemary Danielis grew up in a part of Montreal, Quebec, Canada that no longer exists. The creek in the woods behind her small apartment is now an industrial development. Rosemary pursued her passion for literature and obtained a degree in English and Communications from McGill University. Rosemary has also written numerous online articles which can be found on her website: "Iris and the Dragonflies" was written for her children who rekindled her love for books and fantastical stories. Rosemary still lives in Montreal, the woods and the creek live on in her heart while the bugs and the flowers thrive in her beautiful garden.

Iris and the Dragonflies was a fun, engaging read that would be good for middle graders. Iris is a social outcast. She is much more interested in hanging out by the stream and observing the wildlife there than spending time in school. The dragonflies talk to her but no one, except maybe her teacher at school believes her. Her mother is supportive but thinks she has too much imagination. Her father is abrupt and dismisses the possibility that Iris is telling the truth. Her older sister is mean and constantly puts Iris down. She has only one friend and Grace is a shy, withdrawn girl herself.
I will not give away the who story.  IF you want to find out more please visit or her Fan Page: to find out more about the book or you can order it on
This is a must have book for any middle grader.  Me and my children read it together over one weekend and they all loved it as much as I did even the older kids as well as the younger ones.

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