Friday, January 27, 2012

National Dress up your pet day

ON January 14th it was National Dress Up your pet day

What is your Dog or Cats Style ?
 Well, you’ll have the opportunity to show off your pet’s fashion sense on January 14, otherwise known as National Dress Up Your Pet Day.

It's  a great time for you to outwardly say that your pet is the cutest animal in the world and deserves better clothes than you do!
So go and pull out all of those cute little outfits for your pet and go wild and see what fashion style you come up with for your favorite pet.


  1. Man, I wish I saw this before, I would have LOVED to dress up my kitten. Now, I'm not quite sure how she'd feel about it, but it certainly would be fun. :)

  2. I wish I had seen this. I love when my dog wears bows, but my teen sons tease me mercilessly. I would have a legitimate excuse. Thanks -- marking the calendar for next year. LOL