Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kids Fun/Learning

Here is a game for you to play at your Halloween Party this year.  

Witch's Brew Relay

Teams line up 10 feet apart.  Between the teams place a large ice-cream carton or box as a witch's Caldron.  Place tow bean bags in the box and give the first player on each team a beanbag.  On signal, the first player in each team rushes to the Caldron exchanges his beanbag places the new one on his head and carries it back to the next player in lines who repeats the action.  the first team to complete the exchange and line up in original positions yells, 

Witch's Brew and Wins!!!!


Divide into two groups.  Line up single file.  Place a chair approx. 15 feet in front of each group.  The first person in line are the ghosts and wear a sheet over there heads.  Other members of the team hook on by holding at the waist of the person in front of them.  On signal all start walking quickly straight ahead around the chair and back.  The second person in each line guides his ghost who can't see.  The first team back to there original position wins.  


One team are ghosts and one witches Place a jack-o-lantern with glowing candles in the center on a table lead each player to the table one at a time.  Blindfold them and turn them around three times and ask them to blow out the candle.  They may blow three times.  If the candles goes out they got a point for there team.  Team with the most points wins.  But please be careful if you play this game and remember to stay safe around the flame .   Have fun and enjoy your games .

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